Who Wants To See David Beckham Nude, For Real?

David Beckham nude!

David Beckham nude!

Date: 20-Apr-2007

With all the attention paid to him over the past decade, it seems that half the world has rubbed one out over the football megastar. But has anyone actually seen David Beckham nude?

Well, now’s your chance.

We’re not entirely sure if it’s a real or doctored image at this stage. But does it really matter?

(Thank you to Perez for the shots).

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Clearly these shots are fake. And he looks terrible. Like a sick little junkie.

posted by smooch on 20-Apr-2007 12:13



posted by frank on 20-Apr-2007 16:21

YUM!?? No way. YUK! Too much soft cock - not a good look. Too much foreskin - skanky. It looks like some kind of sea creature had died between his legs. I reckon he'd smell cheesy and right off.

posted by LockerBoy on 20-Apr-2007 16:38


FAKE! Open up the B&W image and then the 'nude' image and place them side by side. The belly buttons are different, the 'treasure trail' of hair is different. And those tattoos on the 'nude' are so obviously done with a marker pen

posted by bradiola1 on 20-Apr-2007 18:48

that dude's like middle eastern lol... check out his legs

posted by asplosion on 21-Apr-2007 0:42

FAKE as FAKE as FAKE can be, the top is real to just below arms the rest NOT HIM .
had my best friend (who is a photographer) have a look and she spotted it straight away.

posted by astr0b0i on 23-Apr-2007 8:49


Fake for sure....legs are way too dark and I am sure he has a much nicer cock!!

posted by bashamd on 23-Apr-2007 23:18

When guys are circumcised, do they remove their brain as well?
I'm so sick of hearing stuff along the lines of "He has foreskin... he must stink".
Uncut guys are just as capable of washing between their legs as cut guys.
Or are cut guys are just bitter and desperate to find a way of justifying their mutilated bits?

posted by LittleBlade on 30-Apr-2007 4:54

the picture is fake, theirs an article about it here:

i guess just the upper half is real.

posted by jw1122 on 1-May-2007 6:20

Foreskins great! love it when im hard and my boy friend pulls back my foreskin down shaft and starts sucking, tounge on cock and rolling skin over it. feels gooooood!

posted by johnnyt on 1-May-2007 6:25

circumcised penises are simply more aesthetic looking.

posted by SilasSmith on 6-May-2007 18:08

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David Beckham nude! David Beckham nude!