Christopher Shapiro by Fritz Yap

Date: 11-Apr-2013

Photographer Fritz Yap has treated the DNA blog to a hunky new model.

These sexy snaps are of Christopher Shapiro.

Christopher enjoys working out and going to the beach. This shoot took place in Miami, Florida.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Fritz Yap

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the very first shot, where he is grabbing his necklace!! OMG, so beautiful!! Great looking model, what a body!!! What a face!!!

posted by calvin1821 on 11-Apr-2013 3:52


Christopher definitely has a ripped muscular body with classic good looks. Again, a bit too much ink. One thing's for sure, if he's found down, the paramedics will be able to ID him easily since his named is tattooed across his stomach. His abs, chest, traps, shoulders, and arms are incredible. Best pics? The main and two upper ones are the best.

posted by gpgraph1 on 11-Apr-2013 5:04

very hott i like him a lot

posted by buddhababy1026 on 11-Apr-2013 5:49


Another hot body marred by ink - all of the pics are great.

posted by radar69 on 11-Apr-2013 9:33

Christopher is a good looking guy and has an incredible ripped muscular body , great chest and amazing abs . I agree with radar the ink has spoilt his beautiful body especially the chest and stomach ones . My fav pic are the main and the top 2 smalls , he is a sexy man.

posted by gardenguy on 11-Apr-2013 14:20


Beautiful body - especially the main pic. A shame such beauty is marred by all the ink. Why do you need your name tattooed across your stomach?

posted by revboy on 11-Apr-2013 14:25

Beautiful body ruined by unsightly tattoos, especially the one across his stomach. Whoever talked him into doing that one should be shot!

posted by ozeeguy on 12-Apr-2013 16:15

Mr ABS of the month! :)

posted by Telstar on 12-Apr-2013 23:08

This Guy has a Amazing FACE! those eyes especially, he's going too regret that tat on his abs, when his abs turn in to a BELLY:(

posted by lickerish on 13-Apr-2013 5:35

Me encanta Cristopher. Su actitud me parece tan desinhibida y erótica. Tiene un aire de misterio y de muy notoria sensualidad. Es bello.

posted by caleidoscopio on 13-Apr-2013 6:24

Fucking hot...and the TATS are fucking assed HOTT...don't understand all the sissy mary whining over ink...its hot, manly and fuck the argument " when he gets old...." blah, blah, blah...I would get this hottie naked, lick his tats, eat his hole, suck him dry, n fuck him hard...

posted by doncore8in on 13-Apr-2013 10:38


At least if the sex was boring, you could be ideally placed to see how many words you could find in the name on his belly. It could be a welcome challenge. Clever ploy.

posted by peterr1 on 13-Apr-2013 19:06

I agree with doncore8in; all the tattoo whining is old and no one gives two fucks whether you like ink or not (seriously, stop whining on every page with a man with ink - no one gives a damn). I also agree that I would have very dirty sex with Christopher.

posted by romanXIII on 13-Apr-2013 19:47


Sex with him would be raw dirty cum loads sex. Fuck n eat his sweet boicunt repeatedly.

posted by doncore8in on 13-Apr-2013 22:38


Finally!!! Said well by those before me - stop complaining about the tatts. We'll take it as assumed that you don't like them. I'm sick of always reading about how tatts have spoiled a body - a lot of us like tatts!

posted by munich on 14-Apr-2013 5:13

In this day and age are we not ALL entitled to voice an opinion (which is all it is) - we are aware that they will be here to stay on this blog and everywhere else (TV, sports fields, runways etc)... some of the comments on here leave a lot to be desired and I wonder what the models think if they were to read them...

posted by radar69 on 14-Apr-2013 10:04

My favourite tattoos are those of an old British woman who has "Do not resuscitate" tattooed on her back and "PTO" on her chest. They are funny and useful and, for her, comforting.

A friend has the names of his two sons tattooed on his back not as reminders of their names but in celebration of them. He has a third tattoo of the name of a friend who died suddenly in his mid-20s. The tattoo is in Hebrew (from which his name was derived), just as his friend would have had on his own body if he had not died too soon.

To me, a good tattoo is one which begins, not with the thought "I want a tattoo; what shall I have", but with the feeling that you want to celebrate or commemorate an idea, a person or a place permanently on your body. The problem is that the latter can so easily slip imperceptibly into the former.

posted by peterr1 on 14-Apr-2013 17:14

what a shame, what a hot guy and the bod is amazing! Though completely spoilt by far too much ink! a cheeky tat somewhere inoxious is sexy I reckon but when this hottie is 50, and his bod isnt quite as 'tight' as this...hmmm very different story me thinks. However he is very sexy.

posted by JBF on 14-Apr-2013 21:37


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