Joey by Tom Cullis for Timoteo

Photographer Tom Cullis has sent us a sneak peek of the latest Timoteo underwear line campaign.

It stars gorgeous guy Joey showing off the sexy underwear.

Joey is with NTA models LA.

We wouldn't mind going home in a pair of Timoteo underwear, or with Joey for that matter.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Tom Cullis.

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Cullis is amazing, as is this boy.

posted on 5-Apr-2013 12:22

This boy certainly has the equipment to fill those briefs...very impressive! Love his ass too.

posted by joecdn on 5-Apr-2013 13:29


How do they manage to make their underwear just the right size?

The body in them looks just about the right size too!

posted by tassie on 5-Apr-2013 16:45

Gorgeous boy - certainly love the shape of what he has in his undies...(reckon they must give the models a size or two smaller than what they would normally be comfy in)

posted by radar69 on 5-Apr-2013 21:29

Joey is a very sexy looking young guy, beautiful body good chest and fantastic abs , very nice arse , he certainly has avery interesting package in those undies . Love the small pic top right , sexy look on his face with a hot arse and very interesting package , also love the small pic bottom left . Thanks Tom for another hot set of pics.

posted by gardenguy on 5-Apr-2013 22:15


Besides a classically handsome face, Joey has quite the ample package. I love how the blue briefs in the bottom left photo have the orange piping to frame and set off this critical feature. Woof.

posted on 5-Apr-2013 22:30


posted by Austin123 on 6-Apr-2013 0:55


posted by Austin123 on 6-Apr-2013 0:55


posted by Austin123 on 6-Apr-2013 0:56

A semi-erect penis to fill in the space in the brief so that it look the right size and sexy.

posted by Austin123 on 6-Apr-2013 1:01

He looks really beautiful, sensual, attractive, delicious, and wonderful. Is a very, very handsome man.

posted by caleidoscopio on 6-Apr-2013 6:23

Or the hottie is hung like a horse n with the way underwear is made today to enhance the size of one's cock n balls it makes what he has even better. Either way luv his beautiful body cute face n hot cock.

posted by doncore8in on 7-Apr-2013 20:25


Joey, you are FAB - U - LOUS! Lovely face, lovely body, lovely arse!

posted by mossie on 8-Apr-2013 3:37


me oh my, joey is absolutely stunning. great body, smile & arse. mmmmm

posted on 8-Apr-2013 10:15

Joey has a great smooth muscular body and a very appealing face. Like the mirror pic--the mischievious smurk on his face gives him character.

posted by gpgraph1 on 9-Apr-2013 3:14

They are not the most-flattering photos to show off his physique fully, but he is certainly very sexy and attractive.

posted by ozeeguy on 12-Apr-2013 16:10


posted by leepers on 12-Apr-2013 20:56


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