KUBA Ka by Odessy Barbu

Date: 4-Apr-2013

We're pleased to introduce you guys to a guy who has been labelled as "the new pop star hunk".

KUBA Ka is an entertainer who was discovered by Michael Jackson's manager.

He's got a new single coming out called Stop Feenin' and these shots were captured by Odessy Barbu.

Let us know what you think of KUBA Ka by commenting below.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Jakub Stepniak, KUBA Entertainment.

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posted by radar69 on 4-Apr-2013 8:17


posted by munich on 4-Apr-2013 8:47

Hell to the NO!!!!....super Pass on this Ugly Ass

posted by doncore8in on 4-Apr-2013 11:32


WOW!!!!!!!!!! bulky and cute::) for sure total top if he sleeps with guys i hope Would like him for action ride, must be active in bed!

posted by jm5000 on 4-Apr-2013 12:14

i like buff and raw guys, to be honest so he is my YES!

posted by jm5000 on 4-Apr-2013 12:16

definitely pop star hunk!.. Show me his ASS, I want it/ why no back pics? he reminds me of Channing Tatum and bit of Dwayne Johnson in the main pic

posted by peterjohn586 on 4-Apr-2013 12:36

you must see this, how hot he looks on rocks, with long hair:

posted by peterjohn586 on 4-Apr-2013 12:37

here he is naked, no clothes:

posted by peterjohn586 on 4-Apr-2013 12:39

Sorry peterjohn - even after checking out your link to him it's still a no - even more of a no with long blonde hair...

posted by radar69 on 4-Apr-2013 22:17

he likes a gym , and i like it! uhh hot body

posted by jack6232 on 5-Apr-2013 0:18

Look to be honest I applaud his effort to maintain his bod...but he reminds me of a really bad James Bond villain...a cross between Goldfinger, Jaws and the new Bond villain...which makes him still ugly

posted by doncore8in on 5-Apr-2013 0:39


i just googled this guy, and he has really beautiful face! i like his face on the pic in underwear only. rest definitely makes me in a way feel him in my ass:-) not that i can be on him:-) hey, still like that!

posted by jack6232 on 5-Apr-2013 0:45

Not expressly beefy, but his abs go on forever. Has a nice face, too.

posted by gpgraph1 on 5-Apr-2013 17:51

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