Bobby Creighton by Calvin Brockington

Date: 12-Mar-2013

If you've got the latest issue of DNA Magazine, you may have noticed this sexy lad amongst the pages.

Photographer Calvin Brockington has shared some more shots of Bobby Creighton with the DNA blog.

If you haven't got your hands on DNA #157 yet, order your copy here.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Calvin Brockington.

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Bobby has a fantastic body with a great face--love the smile and blond hair, but just a bit too much ink. Don't get me wrong, I like tattoos--I have a couple myself, but this is just a bit too much. Otherwise, he gives the appearance of a fun-loving type guy.

posted by gpgraph1 on 12-Mar-2013 4:30

I agree with gpgraph , Bobby has a fantastic body , excellent muscular development but not over done , great abs. Bobby has a great looking face , love his smile and his beautiful sexy blue eyes and his beach blond hair . I am not a fan of lots of ink particular on the chest , but it is Bobby's choice and he is extra hot . My pick of the shots are the small top right and the small bottom left , the bottom pic is a good shot of his muscular arm and his classic good looking face.

posted by gardenguy on 12-Mar-2013 12:10


Bobby is a great looking, sexy, muscular guy with a well-defined physique. Nice PECS, abs, arms; and I’m loving the tatts – the tatts really enhance this guy’s sexuality and overall good looks: the tatts add to a rough masculinity.

posted by panos1968 on 12-Mar-2013 13:40

Why would a fantastic looking guy like this mar that body with all those Tatts. I shake my head at the stupid fashion trend that looks great whwn your in your prime. But please what is he going to look like at eighty. (a quilted unironed old doona).

posted by Albie on 12-Mar-2013 16:43

You're playing with fire with some of your statements Albie - but i tend to agree, small amounts of ink is OK but Bobby's has gone a bit too far.

posted by radar69 on 12-Mar-2013 21:05

Bobby is sexy and so are the tats. If you don't like em on models, then why the hell do you have to throw your 2 cents in? Get over it.

And Albie, everyone's gonna look old and wrinked at 80, ink or not so stfu.

posted by romanXIII on 13-Mar-2013 11:12


Thanks romanXIII, truer words were never spoken! I get that all the time too ... "what will you look like when you're eighty with all those tattoos?" I don't care what people think now, so when if I'm lucky enough to be alive at eighty, I'll care even less.

BTW, Bobby is a very sexy model, love the muscles and ink—a few of my favourite things! However, he looks much sexier with his natural hair colour ... ;-P

posted by SteveOfPerth on 15-Mar-2013 13:24

Damn! Bobby, you should of drop-those trouser.Some might say leave some Imagination, but with that BODY an TATs it would been. A MASTER piece!!!!!

posted by lickerish on 16-Mar-2013 8:16

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