Lenn Johnson by Calvin Brockington

Date: 5-Mar-2013

Calvin Brockington has sent us these sizzling snaps of Lenn Johnson.

Lenn is 23-years old and works as a computer engineer. He's also an aspiring model.

With a body as hot as that, we don't think he'll be a computer engineer for much longer.

Let us know what you think of Lenn by commenting below.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Calvin Brockington.

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posted by prettyboysysco on 5-Mar-2013 6:31

the top 2 pics where he's lying on the bed are very enticing...looks like someone has pulled his undies down when he wasn't expecting it.

posted by radar69 on 5-Mar-2013 8:37

i always seem to be having computer problems, i wonder when he's free?

posted on 5-Mar-2013 9:10

Lenn has a hot body , wonderful muscular chest and abs , I like radar find the 2 top small pics very inviting .

posted by gardenguy on 5-Mar-2013 15:54


Lenn is hot hot hot. So sexy and muscular. I agree with radar69: the top 2 pics where Lenn’s lying on the ground are very enticing and so sexy and hot and emphasise how muscular and what a great physique Lenn has, as well as Lenn’s mascular legs and hot buns are evident and on display – gives a gay guy a HO especially imagining what one can do with this sexy stud.

posted by panos1968 on 5-Mar-2013 19:17

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