And The Winner is Rogan Richards

He's hot, hairy and a step closer to becoming your February Mate of the Month.

Rogan Richards won the first weekly round of Mate of the Month with 34% of the total vote.

There's no denying that Rogan is a hottie and to celebrate his win, we're looking back at some of his shots that have appeared on the DNA blog over the years.

Well done Rogan!

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I didn't vote for him so I must be in the minority at finding him attractive.

posted by ozeeguy on 22-Feb-2013 15:51

@ozeeguy...i didn't vote for him either, but i find him absolutely DELICIOUS!

posted by shirley! on 22-Feb-2013 19:26


that makes 3 who didnt vote for him but more so cos hes been on theese lists for so long that I, for one would like to see someone new take the title now and then!

posted by radar69 on 23-Feb-2013 17:15

I guess that makes me a part of the minority too.

This competition could be improved. We are in the last week of the month and they've just announced the winner from....... week one???

posted by victor on 24-Feb-2013 8:39

It's hard to type when you're drooling on the keyboard all day. :)

posted by cat on 24-Feb-2013 10:43

Congratulation to Rogan , as a lover of fur and a bit of muscle I always love looking at his fantastic muscular body and with the added delight of a hairy chest and abs, I am not a fan of the ink but I can over look that , they are not on his beautiful chest and abs . Rogan also has a great looking face and sexy eyes , a very nice package and excellent arse he is a all round super charged sexy man .

posted by gardenguy on 24-Feb-2013 11:45


one of the hottest porn stars around.

Good choice to win.

posted by radical53 on 24-Feb-2013 14:23

No surprise that Rogan won. He IS the definition of masculine. Even his name is masculine. Love all the pics.

posted by gpgraph1 on 24-Feb-2013 16:27

& I can see why he WON!!! HOT HAIRY MATURE & OH SO MASCULINE!!!! BIG WOOFS!! So great 2 know that this type of MAN is SO POPULAR, makes such a difference from all these Pubesent Hairless.dshaved all over gym pumped up BOYS that U R always putting on your covers & inside your magazine!!!! ;-) ;-)

posted by AMP62 on 25-Feb-2013 6:44

From a kiwi admirer...Rogan is one helluva sexy Aussie! All man that fella, then some.

posted by sonnyS on 25-Feb-2013 16:29

I voted 4 him, And let me say this. He's the first that won. Sense I've been voting for 2 in a half yrs.I vote on the photography then the way that photographer compose and photographe that MODEL. U can take a picture of anything as long as it has SEXX appeal. Because i've seen some of the most beautiful men on this site an DNA post them on their," MAN of the Month " and they don't get- not one VOTE!!!!

posted by lickerish on 26-Feb-2013 3:24

100% agree with you amp 62 a real men its good to know that they are still still around

posted by hth2009 on 26-Feb-2013 8:51

Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, YUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!!

posted by leepers on 8-Mar-2013 14:30


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