Man of the day: Derrick Vargo


We're obsessing over these shots of Derrick by Rick Day. Where do we even begin?

We love Derrick's adorable face, amazing abs, perfect pecs and beautiful butt.

Who is your man of the day?

Photos via: Burbujas Deseo.

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So sexy.

posted by tiger6955 on 15-Feb-2013 15:33

Semprer fidelis. The words hostage to fortune and rod for your own back spring to mind.

posted by peterr1 on 15-Feb-2013 19:32

oh, he can be my man of the day...

posted by Telstar on 15-Feb-2013 21:14

NICE he can be my day , week , month :)

posted by miked7584 on 16-Feb-2013 1:21


Derrick definitely has a very ripped muscular body, and while I'm not usually into butts, he has an amazing one. Photographer, Rick Day captured him well.

posted by gpgraph1 on 16-Feb-2013 3:01

Oops. Apologies. It is, of course, Semper (not semprer) Fidelis.

posted by peterr1 on 16-Feb-2013 3:14

I shall deem Derrick. Goldilocks.

Not too hairy, not too smooth.
Not too muscly, not too lean.
Not too boyish, not too thuggish.

Just right.

May I eat you and sleep on you, please?

posted by asseaterjeff on 16-Feb-2013 3:19


Love his sports :)

posted by ked999 on 16-Feb-2013 7:51

Love His Arse...the rest is pretty hot too...

posted by radar69 on 16-Feb-2013 7:59

Derrick is a great looking guy, not certain if the under eyes mark enhances the photo, bit still hot looking . Very good lean muscular body and nice bit of fur , he has a very nice arse . I would love to have him as my man of the day or longer .

posted by gardenguy on 16-Feb-2013 11:37


That is one fantastic looking arse! So sexy! A winner in my eyes.

posted on 16-Feb-2013 14:28

Derrick you're soooooooooooo gorgeous!! I LOVE YOU!!! ;-)

posted by 7Carl720 on 22-Feb-2013 22:04

I shot Steven and I am starring at Derrick!

posted by Tcullis on 23-Feb-2013 16:58

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