Marcus McCormick presents Bobby McCarther

Date: 13-Feb-2013

We're pleased to welcome photographer Marcus McCormick to the DNA blog.

Marcus is a a huge fan of DNA and is a Chicago based men's fashion and underwear photographer. He's been shooting for over six years and has shared some sexy snaps with us.

The model is Bobby McCarther and the piece is titled "The Hotel Collection".

Let us know what you think of these shots by commenting below.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Marcus McCormick.

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A beautiful shoot!

I love Marcus' work!

posted by Exquisite on 13-Feb-2013 3:20

Great shoot, and beautiful composition.
Excellent work.

posted by MKMagMile on 13-Feb-2013 3:43

Super Amazing! Congrats to u both!!!

posted by Jonte300 on 13-Feb-2013 4:05

Love the colors, great model, awesome shots.

posted by ddavi988 on 13-Feb-2013 4:34

Excellent work Marcus!!

posted by rayagalloway on 13-Feb-2013 9:24

Wow, wow, wow. Bobby is sooooo fucking hot and sexy. What a beefcake. Great physique and what a great torsi and nipples. Men o’ men this guy is hot, handsome. A little chest hair would add to his sexiness. Love him; love to see more of him.

posted by panos1968 on 13-Feb-2013 12:08

Perfection in a man!!

posted by joecdn on 13-Feb-2013 12:15


Great shots , love the colour pics but also the black and white pic they highlight the incredible muscular definition of Bobby's body . Bobby is a sizzling hot sexy man, he has a magnificent physique , great chest and incredible abs , sexy nipples , a handsome guy .

posted by gardenguy on 13-Feb-2013 14:08


Congratulations Marcus, The black and white shots are stunning kudos to the both of you : )

posted by Omari149 on 13-Feb-2013 15:39

Awesome pictures and great definition. A great collection. Don't stop now..keep it rolling in.

posted by FrankCastle on 14-Feb-2013 2:14

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