JJ Becker by Travers Dow

When we were sent these shots of JJ Becker, we couldn't wait to share them on the DNA Blog.

JJ is a recent addition to Crew International Models and is from Chicago. He's interests include fashion, fitness and athletics.

We think JJ has a unique look and we can wait to see more from the sexy model.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Lamont Pinckney, Managing Owner of CMI.

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Oh, those horrible tattoos!

posted by grandeur70 on 30-Jan-2013 14:01

JJ is a very handsome man , he has a sexy lean muscle body , great chest and abs but the chest tattoo does spoil his wonderful body , sexy eyes and nice nipples . I like the main pic and bottom right.

posted by gardenguy on 30-Jan-2013 22:34


Yet another fabulous body spoiled by a SILLY tattoo. What on earth was he thinking when he selected to encircle his nipple with a star. Can't help thinking of the advertisement about the bad decisions we make as youngsters which stay with us until we start withering in old age. What a stupid twat!!!

posted by pjgrant on 30-Jan-2013 22:40

Yet another fabulous body spoiled by a SILLY tattoo. What on earth was he thinking when he selected to encircle his nipple with a star. Can't help thinking of the advertisement about the bad decisions we make as youngsters which stay with us until we start withering in old age. What a stupid twat!!!

posted by pjgrant on 30-Jan-2013 23:43

Hate the tattoo. It amazes me how many young men today are into serious ink on their bodies. They are going to regret it later in life. It's a bit like a competition to see who can cover their bodies with the most or largest tattoos.

posted by ozeeguy on 30-Jan-2013 23:55

STOP IT ALREADY!!! And yes, that is me shouting. All too often now the shoot is accompanied by inane comments about how someone 'hates the tattoo' or is otherwise disappointed with some aspect of the model. Seriously?

Please try to do something more positive and constructive with your time than posting negative comments. I personally am inspired by the natural beauty and obvious dedication to their bodies of the men that grace these pages (and about whom we know nothing). Remember what your mother said, 'if you cannot say something nice about someone, don't say anything'.

Thank you for helping to make this a more positive space...

posted by prdmtltor on 31-Jan-2013 2:03

Well, you don't look at the tattoos while you're stoking the fire, as my mother didn't say.

posted by johnsteve on 31-Jan-2013 4:47


Love the main pic, JJ has a nice body...

posted by radar69 on 31-Jan-2013 6:39

So much hatred of tattoos ! ????

I can only speculate these come from young guys afraid to live, or old guys who never have.

FYI... I have no tattoos, but really like them. Even had a Harley, as in several. Never felt the urge. MY CHOICE. Hardly a fear based decision.
I also do not slam people who have them.

Minimally, the argument it will look awful when you get old. Get a clue.
The harder you try to maintain beauty as you age? The stranger you are going to look. Life is not kind to the human form.

If you do not use it while you "have it". All you will have when you get old is regrets.

I seriously doubt most people with tattoos look in a mirror and ask WTF was I thinking. They, like most of us, still see themselves as they always have.
Then recall all the fun the tattoos instigated.

That smile is not senility and inability to see reality. It is memories. More than most of you sad sacks will have when you get old.

How is that for a slam?

Oh yeah. JJ is hot!

posted by asseaterjeff on 2-Feb-2013 2:49


Excuse my vulgarity, but lol.

posted by peterr1 on 2-Feb-2013 4:56

I think JJ is incredibly hot, and as a Chicago native I'd like to know where he's been all my life!

On a side note, I agree with the people who think you should keep quiet if you don't have anything nice to say. Every single model that has tattoos is accompanied by comments of people who hate them. Since tattoos have become so common and popular in the new millennium, why can't the haters just get over it? The important question is, would any of these catty queens actually kick these perfect bodies out of their beds for having ink? I seriously doubt it.

If you hate what you see here, go start a Tumblr blog and bitch about it there. DNA isn't going to stop featuring tattooed models, and the majority of us are here to enjoy the sights. Stop ruining the fun!

posted by jjones71 on 2-Feb-2013 6:14


I would like to point out that those of you hating on the haters are also contributing to the negativity which you so despise. However, those stating that they dislike tattoos are nerely giving their opinion, and isn't freedom of expression something we wish to maintain on the internet (and in real life)?

I agree that moderation should be considered but I do believe the statements that have been made here are almost impossible to be considered offensive to people. Only positive comments do not give an accurate representation of how all these men (hot or not) are being viewed, because everybody has different opinions.

So I say, speak your mind. State what you like and dislike. And don't say that some things are better left unsaid. Because censorship is never constructive.

PS JJ is hot, BUT most poses don't do it for me. (See what I did there? Positive and negative criticism, how is that wrong?)

PPS sorry for the long post, I just can't stand when freedom of speech is criticised

posted by JensjeP on 2-Feb-2013 9:24

Well said JensjeP - freedom of speech is something we should all have, an opinion is just that an opinion - not a statement of fact

posted by radar69 on 2-Feb-2013 9:31

Likewise JensjeP. I feel if we have to be so careful of what we say, then we are all just walking on eggs. However, negative opinions should be put in a constructed way, if we eliminate them totally, then it doesn't allow any of us to express our honest opinions. We just need to watch our approach. PS: JJ does have a great ripped body. I have a couple of tattoos, and while the ink may be a bit much, the art work of it is really cool.

posted by gpgraph1 on 2-Feb-2013 16:46

Hot it all...have tats i focus on the man ...beautiful...

posted by doncore8in on 4-Feb-2013 1:55


oh btw...i would lap suck n bite on those fucking hott nips...fucking hott...

posted by doncore8in on 4-Feb-2013 1:56


Personally I like tattoos they are an expression of the person, to me they are artwork and give a history of the persons life also with some tattoos like the Maoris they are there for cultural reasons so tattoos or no tattoos I do not mind either way I have one myself and its there in dedication of a loved one since gone.

posted by grarara on 4-Feb-2013 16:51


Not a fan of tattoos, but I do love the criticism this opinion brings. I don't like them - deal with it. This model is incredibly hot and while they detract from his looks in my opinion there is more to a person than their appearance with or without tattoos.

I remember someone from work once said "You just haven't lived enough" when I stated I had no intention of ever getting one. Permanently scarring oneself with ink does not constitute "living" in my opinion, but again that's just one persons opinion.

posted by buffalicious on 4-Feb-2013 18:39


Am I the only one the finds tatoos off putting??

posted by rvdyer on 5-Feb-2013 2:21

I think he might be a good looking guy, but all I see is that tattoo. It's like a big pus-filled zit on the end of someone's nose that you can't stop staring at even though they're in every other way enormously attractive...but that zit just keeps pulling your eyes toward it like a train wreck...

posted by Noble on 23-Feb-2013 14:02

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