Greg by Lionel Andre: Part 2

Date: 29-Nov-2012

Yesterday we treated you to Part 1 of Lionel Andre's exclusive shoot with the super sexy Greg.

DNA fans and staff alike fell in love with the shots and we couldn't wait to see more.

Let us know what you think of Part 2 and if you missed the first set of photos, check them out here.

Also check out the behind the scenes clip of the shoot below.

Photos and video: Supplied to DNA by Lionel Andre.

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Very nice, and what an arse...

posted by radar69 on 29-Nov-2012 5:06

Delicioso macho, tesão, lamberia sem cessar sua pica, lamberia sua sunga branca sexy

posted by carloshenrique on 29-Nov-2012 6:20


Très sexy!!!

posted on 29-Nov-2012 9:07

Very hot muscular guy, great chest and abs and a wonderful arse , what a shame they did not use and pic of Greg smiling as he has a fantastic smile , he looks so much sexier with a smile .

posted by gardenguy on 29-Nov-2012 15:32


I don't it?

posted by 007goldfinger on 29-Nov-2012 16:23


posted by 007goldfinger on 29-Nov-2012 16:24

Greg has an awesome smooth muscular body--love the traps and abs. Need to lose the cigar--not a good example, but great bod/face. His smiles in the video are great.

posted by gpgraph1 on 30-Nov-2012 3:08

Mr Landre pastes his stupid advert right over the lad's chest, Pity.

posted by FredMertz on 7-Dec-2012 13:32

I don't understand what's so hot about some dude completely shaving off his pubic hair. It looks rediculous! You're a guy; guys have body hair!

posted by KChris on 8-Dec-2012 1:01

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