Nigel Rorbach Presents James Cohen

Date: 27-Nov-2012

When photographer Nigel Rorbach contacted DNA, we were super excited to share his work on the DNA Blog.

Nigel has been a keen photographer since he was 12-years old and has been specialising in male beauty for about two years.

He's presented us with some sexy snaps of James Cohen, a hottie from London.

We're huge fans of Nigel and James and we can't wait to see more from them soon.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Nigel Rorbach

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James has got a nice smooth, muscular body. All the pics are good, except it would have been better if he could have smiled. A smile can go a long way.

posted by gpgraph1 on 27-Nov-2012 12:07

I agree completely with you gpgraph

posted by radar69 on 27-Nov-2012 18:58

the main ic is soooo sexy---love a serious look---now and then ah

posted by perthbouy on 27-Nov-2012 22:08

Good muscular body , good chest and abs, nice package a hot guy.

posted by gardenguy on 28-Nov-2012 22:59


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