Vincent by Rick Day

Cute face: Check
Six pack: Check
Pecs: Check
Biceps: Check
Looks hot in underwear: Check

Well, it sure looks like Vincent ticks all our boxes when it comes to finding hot guys for the DNA Blog.

He shows off his amazing body in these shots by Rick Day.

Let us know what you think by commenting below.

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Photos via: Burbujas Deseo

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WOW, send him round...NOW

posted by 207172 on 16-Nov-2012 1:00

KA-POW! Rick Day does it again. ...THUD....that was me falling out my desk chair.

posted on 16-Nov-2012 9:43

Bangin' bod!

posted on 16-Nov-2012 13:14

Please feature him SOOOOOOON. Unless he already has been. For pex like that, I could even forgive that tattoo. I know, it’s a prejudice; but I just don’t like tats. Anywhere. Tattoos on a statuesque body are like footnotes that overrun and garble a serenely beautiful text. But Vince is awe-inspiring.

posted by Marchpane on 16-Nov-2012 14:32

Wow, this guy is soooo hot. Great body – very muscular, well-developed guy, greats pecs and torso. Suckable nipples – would love to do such amazing things to that chest and those nipples – and even great package, seems hung to me.

posted by panos1968 on 16-Nov-2012 17:35

I guess I'm used to the men that work for Rick knocking me out. Not so with Vincent. Maybe Rick's next muse will do the trick!?

posted by KChris on 17-Nov-2012 0:57

Love the top left photo - but like Kid8 he doesn't knock me out either...

posted by radar69 on 17-Nov-2012 8:25

Vincent is hot , handsome face ,beautiful very muscular body great chest and fantastic developed abs , his package looks very good as well . I would not say no to a visit from Vincent , my favourite pic is the small top left .

posted by gardenguy on 17-Nov-2012 10:24


Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Agreed - let's hope he lays off the tatts from now on... with a body like that, they detract!

posted by mygumtree on 18-Nov-2012 11:00

Vincent has an incredibly ripped, muscular body-- great chest, sholders, arms, and abs that look like an 8-pack. Got a killer face also. Love the upper left pic best. And, of course, having a photographer like Rick Day doesn't hurt, but Vincent is a hunk anyway.

posted by gpgraph1 on 19-Nov-2012 16:18

OMG!!! That is just soooo 'lets get hot and horny' together. I am just off for a quick ????

posted by onyabike on 23-Nov-2012 18:14

Wow, another hot, sexy the shots in the white briefs with that fantastic rod showing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by 4speedos on 24-Nov-2012 3:13

I like his phenomenal hunky body and his manhood just itching to break free.

posted by Gryff on 27-Nov-2012 16:54

Vincent is a hot sexy boy and I would give anything to give him a good spanking!

posted by KarlisUmbris on 30-Nov-2012 12:06

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