Tom Cullis presents Colby Lefebvre

Date: 2-Oct-2012

Tom Cullis has presented the DNA Blog with another hottie he's been working with.

This sexy fella is Colby Lefebvre and we've got a big fat crush on him today.

We're told he's from Southern California and has shot with the likes of Diesel and ES. He was also one of Bruce Webbers Abercrombie and Fitch headliners.

Colby is welcome on the DNA blog anytime he likes.

If you're a fan of Tom Cullis' photography, check out his shoot with Aaron Mathias here.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Tom Cullis.

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OMG!!! Sexy hot perfection! Gentlemen, I think we've found our next Mate of the Month. :)

posted on 2-Oct-2012 9:18

he fills those bathing suits really really well!!!! YUM!!!!!! freaking beautiful!

posted by claremont on 2-Oct-2012 9:25

Good God what a man. The shots in the orange suit are amazing.

posted by tbsjr64 on 2-Oct-2012 11:20

Pure spunk. Hot.

posted by radical53 on 2-Oct-2012 14:21

What a magnificent sexy Hunk , Colby is very handsome with a wonderful smile and has a beautiful hot body , great chest , nice nipples and incredible abs , nice package. Thanks DNA for showing us Colby my favourite photos are the Main and small top right and bottom right very hot . Tom Cullis's photos of Colby Lefebvre and those of Aaron Mathias are very sexy, thanks Tom.

posted by gardenguy on 2-Oct-2012 14:55


What a perfect speciman of male humanity!! Face, chest, abs, legs - I love everything about him!! More pics please and he must be an entrant in man of the month.

posted by revboy on 3-Oct-2012 13:24

Simply hoooot!....

posted by plphiko on 3-Oct-2012 18:57

Colby does have an incredible muscular body with a great smile. Love the shot with the soccer ball.

posted by gpgraph1 on 4-Oct-2012 17:14

I don't think this week was tough at all...I think the clear winner is Colby!


posted on 12-Oct-2012 11:00

Oh my! Another god of fertility. :-) Sexy eyes, awesome body, ass, and package.

posted by Gryff on 14-Oct-2012 14:41

May I be the first to mention his hair? It's sensationally hot, if you just take the time to notice.

posted by may3john on 15-Oct-2012 21:46

It will never happen! I will never cast my vote for a "little girl" that shaves his armpits.

posted by KChris on 6-Nov-2012 0:43

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