Alex Minsky by Tom Cullis

Date: 21-Sep-2012

When photographer Tom Cullis sent us these images of Alex Minsky, we couldn't wait to share them on the DNA blog.

Alex is a 23 year old Marine who recently lost his leg in Afghanistan. He was driving a patrol over the desert at night and drove over an improvised explosive device.

Despite that, Alex stands tall and proud in this shoot. We think he's looking fantastic in this Rufskin gear.

We hope to see more of Alex very soon!

Photos: Supplied by Tom Cullis.

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even though he lost his leg hes still hot!!!

posted by buddhababy1026 on 21-Sep-2012 2:07


Totally hot

posted by sonnyS on 21-Sep-2012 4:18

Totally, totally hot, and completely inspiring to see someone rise above adversity and stay strong.

posted by jjones71 on 21-Sep-2012 5:17


LOVE those mesh pants!!! DAMN!!!!

posted by claremont on 21-Sep-2012 9:17


posted by m3sean on 21-Sep-2012 9:23

Hot man. But too many tats for me.

posted by radical53 on 21-Sep-2012 13:53

Handsome man , good strong masculine body a hot guy , nice package .

posted by gardenguy on 21-Sep-2012 21:45


He is my dream bf. Wish I had a bf like him. Will let him fuck me everyday.

posted by captain_hero on 21-Sep-2012 21:55

Alex has a truly great looking body, leg or no leg. It really does show us that ANYONE can overcome an adversity in their life if they are determined. I'm proud of this guy as I am for all our troops here in the USA or in Australia. I salute you Alex. Keep up the good work.

posted by gpgraph1 on 22-Sep-2012 1:30

standing tall !

posted by mikepaul on 22-Sep-2012 2:34

I'm in love with this guy,wow

posted by Troyboy6969 on 22-Sep-2012 4:11

More photo shoots of Alex please

posted on 22-Sep-2012 7:44

Way too much ink on him to be attractive to me (I'm not a fan of ink and can live with it in moderation but not when it covers 90% of the body like this)...

posted by radar69 on 22-Sep-2012 8:15

The tattoos are just too much. Would look much better in just black and less major designs. He may regret them when he is older. Costs a fortune to remove by laser and painful too. Any guy should think seriously about getting a tattoo or two or three . . . . .

posted by ozeeguy on 26-Sep-2012 15:33

everything about alex minsky is damn sexy! look at that face! yikes!

posted by shirley! on 27-Sep-2012 16:19


Absolutely stunning! Thank you for your service!

posted by rabidpup on 29-Sep-2012 10:37

He looks good except for the excessive body tatoos. A sexy body like that should never be tarnished with or obscured by ink!

posted by Gryff on 6-Oct-2012 15:33

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