Matt Eldracher by Chris Teel for Favorite Hunks

Date: 10-Sep-2012

Another Monday is upon us, but these snaps of Matt Eldracher make being at work so much easier.

The sexy lad shows off his slim yet totally hot bod in this shoot by Chris Teel for Favorite Hunks.

We also think Matt has a totally adorable face.

Two butt shots included.

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Photos by Chris Teel for Favorite Hunks.

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Wow, imagine walking into your bedroom and seeing Matt spread out on the bed like this (I am and it is very nice thank you)... top left pic shows just what may be inside his briefs which I'm sure is also very nice...

posted by radar69 on 10-Sep-2012 6:34

Cute guy , dreamy eyes, nice lean body and nice arse and a good package . I agree with radar it would be very nice finding Matt spread out on my bed like in the bottom small photo. He is sexy.

posted by gardenguy on 10-Sep-2012 14:50


What a cute guy, me would love to pop into his bed room , being beautifully naked--and relaxed --sooo nice

posted by perthbouy on 10-Sep-2012 17:52

Mmmmmmmm what an awesome looking guy; everything about him almost perfect. Definitely would never leave the bedroom (or bed) if he was around.

posted by rotley on 10-Sep-2012 17:58


Matt is damn hot, need to see images with a nice print of his dick

posted by Frebe on 12-Sep-2012 3:05

Matt is soooo HOT!!!! Sexy boy...I vote for him!!!!!

posted by meanwhile69 on 14-Sep-2012 15:09

He's cute snd athletic. Nice butt.

posted by Gryff on 14-Sep-2012 17:05

This is my type of bottom fucking hotness...the type of babyboi i bed down with,,,adorable n cute as hell n that sweet fine tastey n fuckable ass...damn sexy n completely hardon making...

posted by doncore8in on 22-Sep-2012 22:45


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