Colton Haynes Gay Kiss

Date: 7-Jun-2012

Earlier today we posted shirtless snaps of Colton Haynes from the season 2 premiere of Teen Wolf.

One of our Twitter followers, @brian, notified us that Colton had sent his lawyers around the internet to try and remove photographs of him kissing another man.

It might be old news, but Colton kissed another guy in a 2006 issue of XY Magazine. The images were said to be "private, obscene, lewd and pornographic".

We've tracked some of the images down. Check them out and let us know what you think.

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very nice

posted by BoyLove on 7-Jun-2012 16:03


Totally hot!

posted by phoenix1971 on 7-Jun-2012 17:01


he is gay aswell,the pics speaks for them

posted by Transgayadeline on 7-Jun-2012 21:17



posted by evan2011 on 8-Jun-2012 1:27

It's 2012 and two guys kissing is "lewd" and "obscene"... *sigh* :(

posted on 8-Jun-2012 10:56

thats sad, he's probably protecting his rep' as an actor or is lawyers, so he has a job. its salsa sad people cat be who they want to be.

posted by buddhababy1026 on 9-Jun-2012 4:04


The images may be private but are defiantly not "obscene , lewd or pornographic " they show two guys enjoying the moment, Beautiful , no different than a image of a guy and girl doing the same .

posted by gardenguy on 9-Jun-2012 10:57


I agree - how is this lewd? Why? Just because it's between two men?

Look, mate, if you're gay - then just grow some balls and come out. If you're straight and embarrassed DON'T take it out on the gay community. A gay kiss is just a normal kiss.

His hot factor is going through the floor.

posted by RudyPistolwhip on 13-Jun-2012 8:48


How are they private? He was posing for XY magazine. I used to flip through those at the book store all the time. I might have actually seen him in there a few times. Whatever...

posted by lexander87 on 18-Aug-2012 21:36

It's a KISS.
On the mouth.
Who is saying it is either Obsene, Lewd, or Pornographic?
Then they obviously have never actually seen of those things yet.

posted by Mr-DJ on 11-Jan-2013 8:44


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