Introducing John Koney

Date: 7-May-2012

We are pleased to introduce you to a new and upcoming model. John Koney is 22 years old and only started modelling last year after a chance encounter with a photographer in Miami.

He has since worked with photographers including Sebastian Barone, Richard Ivey and Dwayne Johnson.

These are some of our favourite snaps of the sexy model. We think he's got an amazing body and we can't wait to see more of John in the future.

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Welcome to DNA John, gorgeous eyes, hot body - just about perfect...

posted by radar69 on 7-May-2012 13:57

. . . and with a quote from St. Paul's letter to the Philippians on his arm as well (4.13)!

posted by peterr1 on 7-May-2012 19:19

Nice manscaping in the main shot, but he's kind of twerpy-looking in a modern idiom - and those strange, starey eyes! Is he wearing coloured contact lenses?

posted by triggerakl on 7-May-2012 19:57

Nice body , good looking guy and unusual sexy eyes .

posted by gardenguy on 7-May-2012 20:36


John's actually a good friend of mine - I can tell you that his eyes are real, no contacts LOL. He's a great guy and I wish him all the best in his modeling career!!

He set up a facebook fan page too -

Thank you to DNA for showing John some love!!!


posted by vze2jrd4 on 8-May-2012 4:09

Steven - I wouldlove to show John some love, and you are a lucky guy because he looks great!

posted by philhail on 9-May-2012 20:52


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