April Mate of the Month Week 3

Daniel Villa

Daniel Villa

Who was the hottest guy this week?

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Here are last week's results. We received 1036 entries.

Sexy Survivor star Jay came in first with 348 votes.

Steven and his hot briefs came second with 187 votes.

Jonas came third with 116 votes.

Congratulations guys.

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Here are ten amazing models from this week.

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23 comments, 26296 views, last reply:29-Apr-2012 13:39


I will not vote for repeat models ,even though they are Sergi..he may not have been in the vote but still a part of the magazine spread

I do HOPE ERASMO is for next week??

My vote and there are many Matthew


posted by GUAMANIANINNYC on 25-Apr-2012 11:16


I'm feeling (or wish I could be feeling) the pretty blondness of Julian~!

posted by alaimo on 25-Apr-2012 11:45

Matthew, for pushing just the right buttons!!!

posted by tigerzoo on 25-Apr-2012 12:05


posted by skinner on 25-Apr-2012 14:11

I have a thing about guys in jocksraps and Julian's thing in his jockstrap is a huge turn-on.

posted by johnsteve on 25-Apr-2012 16:46


Mathieu, Its gotta be! With that beautiful chest hair! This guy is sooo! HOT! Nick(London.UK)

posted by nicotheguyuk on 25-Apr-2012 17:45

Who else than Sergi ???

posted by BEAUDONJON on 25-Apr-2012 18:33

Ditto Beaudonjon, Sergi oozes sex appeal.

posted by sonnyS on 25-Apr-2012 18:48

Matthew, but after tat removal.

posted by Bobottawa on 25-Apr-2012 19:35

WOW, DNA what a week! How can I choose between Julian,Daniel or Sergi.?
All beauties standing above the rest.I'll go with the man who I found leaving me breathless SERGI!

posted by INCASTING on 25-Apr-2012 20:45

Daniel... major hotness!

posted on 25-Apr-2012 22:06

Wonderful group of guys , not an easy choice this week but I had to go for Sergi beautiful muscular body followed by Hugh and Jose.

posted by gardenguy on 25-Apr-2012 22:43


I want the bottom 4 guys to bottom 4 me!
Voting 4 Matthew

posted by leepers on 26-Apr-2012 5:32


Sexy Daniel this week.

posted by rayvanbc on 26-Apr-2012 5:56

"hard" to choose from this A list . . . What a great stable of Stallions!!!!!!

posted on 26-Apr-2012 10:53

Was going to vote for Matthew but find the ink to distracting and off-putting so my vote this week is for Jose ...and like pointer i will not vote for repeat models (even though the likes of Matthieu, Karry, Cayden and Hugh are very attractive)

posted by radar69 on 26-Apr-2012 14:16

Sorry, but Matthieu is hors concours!!!!!

posted by gaycarioca on 27-Apr-2012 1:57

Daniel Villa...what a doll!

posted by DavidAlan on 28-Apr-2012 8:33

I like Julian and Hugh for entirely different reasons but that is sex appeal.
As for you guys who won't vote for models who have appeared before - well that is your loss and don't bothere to repeat it every week.
I have said many times I don't like ink and I do like fur, but as someone once said - that is up to the models so stop talking about it.
You guys are making the voting a joke and show the worst side of gay guys. Have your opinion so don't vote - stop feling the need to lecture the rest of us every week.

posted by philhail on 28-Apr-2012 9:38


Daniel is nice and great eye candy!

posted by roberth on 28-Apr-2012 9:43

CAYDEN -the last small photo says it all. Cute, good haircut, big arms, nice jock strap, and most importantly a nice smile!!! Only thing to change to make him perfect would be a hairy chest -woof!

posted by symolie on 28-Apr-2012 14:43


I wonder when gay clones became repeat models, and what made it happen. Was it the demise of the heavy moustache or just too much rich food?

posted by peterr1 on 28-Apr-2012 18:47

what is WRONG with you people?!! Kerry is head and shoulders above the rest in masculine refinement and beautifully proportioned features!! enough with the excess beefy boys parade, already...

posted by hnlboy on 29-Apr-2012 13:39

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Who is the hottest guy this week

Who was the hottest guy this week?