Rising Sun: Campbell Brown

Date: 12-Jan-2012

The Gold Coast sure has some mighty fine talent. Two DNA staffers recently took a trip up to Queensland's beachy playground and they couldn't believe the extremely high concentration of sexy men all in the one spot! A highlight was a stroll one afternoon they took along the boardwalk that runs parallel to the beach. The DNA boys could have easily spent all day watching the shirtless joggers run past and they eagerly await their next trip to the Sunshine State *subtle hint*.

He may originally hail from Hawthorn in Victoria (i.e. a completely different state), but there's no doubt Gold Coast Suns AFL player Campbell Brown can hold his own in the hotness stakes.

Vote for him in Mate of the Month.

Different code, same level of hotness: Check out a shoot featuring former Mate of the Year David Williams.

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I agree Campbell is a hot looking guy , nice smile and good body I love the body hair , he looks a lot hotter in the photo's with chest and abs hair than in the ones with his body shaved . Best photo's are the main and the first small very sexy, then the second and third small very nice .

posted by gardenguy on 12-Jan-2012 10:46


Got Campbell on a saved disc years ago. He is so beautiful. The black & white photo certainly does him justice. This is when some footballers were hot, not that they are not hot today.

posted by radical53 on 12-Jan-2012 11:39

One of my favs when playing for Hawks, hasn't lost it since joining the suns...

posted by radar69 on 12-Jan-2012 17:50

Beautiful, yes; body hair just right, yes; also muscles just right. But also that manliness.

posted by may3john on 12-Jan-2012 23:28

Please do not shave the chest hair, it is so much sexier!!!!!!!!!!

posted by HEINIE on 3-Feb-2012 16:19

Have to go with Anthony for January because he's a hot football player and his chest hair is perfection!

posted by mtbrans on 4-Feb-2012 4:00


Campbell is a really hot guy! The dirty chest and torso is very erotic. Can I help him shower? Xx

posted by mossie on 5-Feb-2012 2:22


Well in my imagination he looks like he needs me to help him shower! ! Mmm

posted by mossie on 5-Feb-2012 2:24


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