Pete Michaels by John Clum

Date: 14-Dec-2011

"Pete has a wonderfully relaxed presence," John Clum tells DNA. "There is a flow to the way he carries himself enhanced by his long, slender yet muscular physique."

Check out his shoot inside.

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very, very nice and contrary to what most will say, i love his golden locks of hair.

posted on 14-Dec-2011 7:35


posted by symolie on 14-Dec-2011 11:07


ok, for the record, i do NOT like long hair on guys. but THIS guy...holy hotness!

posted by Leo3 on 14-Dec-2011 11:22


Very nice looking dude, like leo3 I am not a fan of long hair on guys but this is one of the exceptions...

posted by radar69 on 14-Dec-2011 13:28

WOW ! Pete is hot , what a good looking guy and a beautiful lean muscular body , great abs I also like the long golden hair on Pete and love his sexy blue eyes would love to see more please.

posted by gardenguy on 14-Dec-2011 14:53


Sexy hair! Usually I like it nice and short but that works on him. Let's make out!!!!

posted by smooch on 14-Dec-2011 15:35


ridiculous. such an amazing physique. =)

posted by TRXJames on 14-Dec-2011 16:46

Marvelous body, not too crazy about his face (and the long hair is not the problem).

posted by phoenix1971 on 14-Dec-2011 18:22


My he looks tall! I got lost in the eyes and hair and then almost lost consciousness when I stumbled over "shoot inside". Sign me up to do so!

posted by akirakid on 15-Dec-2011 1:04

WOW What a prospect for success!
I wish he was in the USA,I would get him into an acting class at once and get him on the road to a film career!
70mm, 3D action /adventure feature films, were designed for this guy !I haven't seen any one like him since Miles O'Keefe played Tarzan in the 70's!

posted by INCASTING on 18-Dec-2011 17:17

WOW! Pete looks like an anatomy drawing of the male body filled in with some really delicious flesh tones. Mymymymymine.....

posted by whitetiger on 21-Dec-2011 17:14


Oh wow! I normally have it in for the beefy guys, but Pete's long, lithe, whip-like body is just so amazing. His eyes and his face, very masculine, but at the same time, soft and dreamy. The way his abs swoop, guiding the eyes to his crotch... yes!! ^_^

posted by dragoncrescent on 22-Dec-2011 16:14

I'd so love to play with Pete's Dragon...

posted by 1hotbutt on 31-Dec-2011 2:59

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