Hunk Encore: Dino Hillas

Dino Hillas

Dino Hillas

What is Dino Hillas's secret to looking so damn good at 50?

"First off, I was never into drinking or drugs," the sexy model tells DNA. "I always took great care of my skin, regular facials, staying out of the sun, wearing sunglasses and sunblock on my face - something I learned from the agency when I started modelling. Not to mention the good Greek genetics I inherited from my parents."

Greek god much?

Photos by James Franklin.

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Great looking... and, yes, it's really about GENETICS!

posted by alaimo on 18-Nov-2011 9:23

I know..over 50..10 times as hard as when you were 20-30 yo...great job..but you must love doing that workout, whatever it is that you choose..and in my later years ,I got into workouts I never would have thought I would do..from dancing(almost Ballet) in a studio, to running a couple miles IN the pool cause Tony can't swim..the Aussie's will laugh their ass off at's OK , I do take classes when I am Sydney at your beautiful public pool in the park look at that pool and you know the Aussies CARE about their health..never seen a pool like that..and they NEED to work off that amazing BEER you guys Mom always used to say, "it's always GREENER on the other side of that fence!"..see you guys in a year or two for my tenth & last vist...


posted by GUAMANIANINNYC on 18-Nov-2011 10:15


What a stunningly handsome man! Definitely proves that age is just a number. Anyone would love to look even half that good at 50... or any age!

posted on 18-Nov-2011 12:12

Agree with boyblue Dino is a handsome guy with a great body for any age, like the hint of chest hair in last photo and that looks a very nice package in the main photo, a very sexy guy.

posted by gardenguy on 18-Nov-2011 14:42


this actually looks a tad photoshopped (head/body) and the guy's face most definitely looks nothing like that of a 50 year old.

posted on 18-Nov-2011 18:19

great to see a hot ilder guy for your older readers to olgle over. rhanks

posted by brucegfisher on 18-Nov-2011 19:12

don't imagine I'm ever gonna look that good at 50 - ...

posted by radar69 on 18-Nov-2011 19:16

I don't see why you guys should say that a photo has been Photoshopped when someone looks stunning at 50 like this guy. I am 69 and I don't have a wrinkle on my face and no bags under my eyes. I get mistaken for 52-54 and I look after my body also and keep in shape. I worked in the theatre for many years and in London for 10 years and didn't spend much time in the sun. Also the make-up and removing lotions I used help moisturise my skin so I didn't get any age wrinkles. I also have followed a daily regimen of little soap on my face, vitamin E cream as a moisturiser and a good night's sleep, as well as very little alcohol and never smoked - the worst thing for your facial skin!! I have a good even tan because I have olive skin and tan by just spending half an hour in the sun. No melanomas and no age spots. My secret is look after yourself and you will enjoy the results. I say well done to Dino.

posted by ozeeguy on 18-Nov-2011 20:19

This guy is fabulous! I am older than he is and I am not anywhere near as HOT as he is! I would love to be in his condition. Congratulations mate! You have obviously looked after yourself and it has really paid off! You are gorgeous!! Xx

posted by mossie on 19-Nov-2011 2:09


Wow, what a nice surprise! Thanks for all the nice compliments....and yes ozeeguy is correct! My olive skin, only getting minimal sun all my life, always taking care of my skin and staying away from hard partying, (was never my thing)..keeps you looking much younger later in life! Most people mistake me for 40ish.... on a good day! I am blessed with great genetics, my mom is 89 years old, and moves around, drives and looks like a 65ish year old lady! I am lucky to have her in my for those who think photoshop played a part here... think again! You cant make a muscle guy from a bag of bones! I am proud of my age.. I try to stay in shape and be the best I can be at my age.. at the moment, I have taken a break from dieting and training at the gym, as i mentioned in my last DNA featured spread.. I am enjoying the holidays and will prepare for my next big photo fitness spread and photo shoot when I get in the mood! I love reading all the nice, warm compliments from the DNA readers, and i want you guys to know..I AM VERY SINGLE NOW!



posted by dinoh on 19-Nov-2011 3:06


Anyway.....when one is on photo sessions for such magazines, they can make him look as good as they do it for every model......+ I'm sure some botox and facial surgery can help look so nice.....
Good job!!! I like your physics!!!

posted by kalek100 on 19-Nov-2011 4:12

You're inspiring, man you blow me away (figuratively!) what an awesome bod mate, very masculine, very handsome...whew! got a boyfriend bro?

posted by sonnyS on 19-Nov-2011 5:51

Congrats in keeping your good and healthy lifestyle, that's the best way to stay in good shape and look great. I am not a muscular guy, but def genetics help us to look younger too. Best from DC

posted by aempty on 19-Nov-2011 6:33


Thanks Dino, keep up the good work!

posted by Bobottawa on 19-Nov-2011 9:40

Surely older readers aren't the only ones ogling, brucegfisher! Dino is hotter than most guys half his age!

posted on 19-Nov-2011 12:34

Really to all you guys who give warm, kind compliments..a big,"thank you". It is not easy keeping a body at my age...yes, genetics play a big part.. I am thankful for that.. as for my face..well I gotta say, I always lived clean, stayed out of the sun for most part and have my mom and dad to thank for my good skin... I have always taken care of myself.. it is something I learned in highschool when I started modeling..

As for the other remarks.. well.... lol.. nothing I can say to that... I live in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, "land of remarks" I say..too bad!

For the sweet guy who asked me if I was single..the answer is, YES! I had a boyfriend last year, someone I fell in love with, and as the relationship developed, I learned he was not true to me, dishonest, amoung his other issues... so I ended it...

I would rather be Gay and alone, than to compromise my integrity. I belileve in love, I believe in romance, I believe in monogamy, and I will hold out until I find the right guy!

Lots of love and peace..


posted by dinoh on 19-Nov-2011 12:34


Thanks Dino you are a great looking guy and you sound like a real nice guy as well, keep looking after yourself and I hope you find the right guy he will be a lucky guy . Take care and thanks for reading our comments , I am glad you do not let the negative ones effect you.

posted by gardenguy on 19-Nov-2011 15:13


Hi Gardenguy...Thank you for your nice words... I really appreciate your compliment and the fact that you see beyond the photos! Really such a nice compliment and I sincerely appreciate it! As for the right guy.. only when it is time and it feels right... geeeeeez, I learned a hard 50! lol! At 51 1/2 I am stilll learning.. lol! Biggest hug to you and thanks again.. Dino

posted by dinoh on 19-Nov-2011 18:20


dino is a hot looking man, and sounds very sincere too.... yumm! cheers tim

posted by timhardy on 20-Nov-2011 4:34

sweet man, thank you!

posted by dinoh on 20-Nov-2011 11:12


Great photos and even lovlier to have the sweet sweet comments from Mr H. How fantastic to have the looks AND the personality (when so often the great looking guys are such a..holes!).

And when are we going to see the new photos of Dino by Dylan Rosser??

Brad x

posted by rtebaldi on 20-Nov-2011 23:34

congrats you look amazing and healthy it s very inspiring

posted by zuullattack on 21-Nov-2011 2:35

Thanks kindly for the warm compliments... "you know guys... I am just too old to be an a--hole", as one put it.. lol! Life is too short...I am humbled that I can still turn heads and inspire other guys to stay or get into shape! "Anyone, can with the drive and know how" "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER", as once said by Auntie Mame.. LOL! Love her!

As for Mr Dylan Rosser's photos of me... hmmmmmmmm, well that would be up to Andrew, the editor here! He's great.,. just ask him!

Big hugs, lots of love...


posted by dinoh on 21-Nov-2011 3:05


I think he forgot to thank the effects of Botox too...

posted by vinnieavenue on 21-Nov-2011 10:15

Dino is a sexy and amazing guy. I don't think he look that 50. I want to be l ike him at 50.

posted by xyquiz on 21-Nov-2011 13:07

Hello again, Dino. I completely understand your lifestyle and state of health and grooming. As I mentioned in my previous posting, I have followed a good skin routine and healthy lifestyle, etc. I am always being asked 'what have you had done to your face?' by people thinking that I have been under the knife or use Botox, etc! They don't believe me when I tell them nothing! Like you, I take after my mother who was born in Scotland and had great skin right up until she passed away at age 89 (almost 90). I wish I lived near you so that we could meet and compare our complexions! I also am single and looking for the ideal partner! Who knows, maybe we are a match?? ;-) But, I respect you for how you have stayed so youthful looking at your age and in good shape. I hope you look just as good at age 70 (my next birthday age!). I love letting people guess my age and rarely anyone says over 54. Yay! Cheers and good health always from Australia.

posted by ozeeguy on 21-Nov-2011 14:33

Dear Ozeeguy,

Again thanks for the nice message...I started using Erno laszlo skincare back in 1977, when I started modeling..I learned to stay out of the sun and never got into the drinking or recreational drug thing... that and genetics play a big part..

I was once told when I was in my early 20's, "taking care of your skin is like exercising your body...if you exercise and work on your body, when you are older you will have a youthful body..the same holds true for your skin". Anyway, I appreciate your kind words... and look forward to more fitness modeling assignments as long as my body holds out.. lol!

Take good care.. Dino

posted by dinoh on 21-Nov-2011 15:12


Hi dinoh, I love all the coments I have just read ---you look sooo fantastic, as for me, now 71, appreciate one who has taken good skin care as a norm. Me being brought up on a farm in the 50/60's never wore cover, then at sea, didn't realise the uv damage to ones skin when sunning naked on deck--paying the price now lol. congratulations on you sharing , and a mentor for younger guys ---to look after their bodies--inside/outside. Nice --again reading the great comments--BGood 2 ourselves.

posted by perthbouy on 21-Nov-2011 18:05

thank you perthbouy...take good care!

posted by dinoh on 22-Nov-2011 1:02


Dino - thanks for posting the new pic on your bigmuscle page. Mr Rosser has captured something very special in this shot.

Brad x

posted by rtebaldi on 22-Nov-2011 5:00

Dino looks amazing but he is definitely not the norm for older men. I am 37 and look 30. I hope I look half as good as him at 50. I also don't drink and have never abused drugs. Genetics have helped me but lifestyle means a lot.

Keep that in mine all my gay men out there. Dino is proof positive that 50 can be hot! DNA should show more examples of men like him. Are you listening DNA???

posted by stlbigguy on 22-Nov-2011 7:20

thanks for the support and the nice feedback stlbigguy! I think Andrew ar DNA is super! he seems to support me quite a bit!

posted by dinoh on 22-Nov-2011 13:12


The facial hair does him no good, otherwise, well done!

posted by phoenix1971 on 22-Nov-2011 18:19


my mama says the same exact thing! lol! mom says, :if you shaved that off you would look a lot younger"... lol! I say, what the heck.. I 51 now, I am, what I am.....wasn't that a show toon???? lol!

posted by dinoh on 23-Nov-2011 1:13


Personally, I love the facial hair! Shaving it off might make you look younger but it couldn't make you look any hotter! ;)

posted on 23-Nov-2011 10:37

Dino I agree with boyblue you look hot with our facial hair , its your face so have the look you are happy with.

posted by gardenguy on 23-Nov-2011 15:54


thanks guys... most of my life i have not had facial hair... but since I was photographed by Mark henderson (I believe DNA #113) when I was 47 with facial hair..I have embraced my grey hair, and my age... I love facial hair..! Thanks!

posted by dinoh on 23-Nov-2011 18:28


GORGEOUS! The photo of him wearing glasses is very sexy! He's MERCURIAL! One of the hottest men I have ever viewed, and I have seen thousands, maybe 10's of thousands.

posted by leepers on 2-Dec-2011 10:27


i am very flattered.. thank you!

posted by dinoh on 2-Dec-2011 15:45


Why are so many people talking about the age of 50? it's not THAT old. I'm 34 and have had lovers of 50 or slightly over. lot's of guys look great at that age, and do does Dino.
People should get over age, it's just a number.

posted by Ro77 on 3-Dec-2011 4:56


I couldn't agree more... Geeeeeeeeeeeeeez!

posted by dinoh on 4-Dec-2011 1:49


You're proof that as long as a man keeps fit and stays in shape, he just gets better with age. Besides, there's nothing hotter than a man with experience (and that's something young guys will never have.)

posted on 4-Dec-2011 4:56

well when i was younger in my early 20's... i had a lot of experience... lol! just kidding... you know i would not change anything for the world.. except the economy and world affairs and our politicians! as you get older you just know what you want and wont tolerate...i cant explain it.. my body looks better now than when i was 25-30....i am 51... i just hope i cankeep it together for as long as i can.,.. so thank you for the nice compliments! dino

posted by dinoh on 5-Dec-2011 18:32


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