Country Strong: Josey Greenwell

Date: 22-Apr-2011

A gorgeous singer/songwriter by the name of Josey Greenwell recently got in touch with DNA and shared his story.

"In moving to Nashville when I was 19, I was signed to a record label here.

"After we had been recording for months, they found out I was gay and dropped me from the record label and debut album wasn't released. I ended up finishing the project myself and spent all that year promoting it myself and trying to get any kind of help I could. They said, "Music isn't ready for something as controversial as you and we sure as hell wont be the first label to have it."

"I don't think that is true at all and actually think music is READY for someone like me to come along! Music can put someone on such a pedestal and it's up to them whether or not they use that for the greater good and I definitely feel like I am not only strong enough, but now brave enough to be able to stand up for millions of people out there just like me and stand as a role model with my music. I have launched myself full force into the country/pop world and am definitely looking for any opportunity to share my story. It took me a long time to be ok with the fact that what happened with the label "wasn't" ok to do.

"Music should be about talent and not sexuality, but I'm proud of mine nonetheless."

Look out for future Josey Greenwell news in DNA.

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beautiful body and voice but not fond of country :(

posted by buddhababy1026 on 22-Apr-2011 4:41


That wasn't really country - more kind of folky, and appealing if you like that sort of style, which I notice a lot of younger people do these days. Good voice. The jock-boy look is a little irritating, but not a total barrier, and I guess it shows off his bod. he should do well. He's a good advertisement that just because you are gay you're not automatically a screaming fag. He'll get a lot of support from gays and straights alike.

posted by triggerakl on 22-Apr-2011 7:36

Not really country - but i love the voice and he looks good. Good on him for not hiding he is to the label...

posted by radar69 on 22-Apr-2011 10:35

Totally agree with you Triggerakl --not real country---but I like the guy, sooo cute-- takes a bit of guts being yourself in the so called FREE America---good for Josey.

posted by perthbouy on 24-Apr-2011 18:24

Def cute. I don't know if his sound does much for me tho. Maybe he'll find a niche in Nashville. I do applaud him for his courage in coming out. Good luck to you Josey! That face could launch a 1000 ships.

posted by stlbigguy on 26-Apr-2011 23:28

Looks: 10
Dance: 3

posted by lelandjr on 18-Jun-2011 1:34

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