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Stefano Gabbana

Stefano Gabbana

Date: 12-Dec-2006

Are same-sex parents bad for kids?

Yes – says Stefano Gabbana, of Dolce and Gabbana fame. In what comes as a bit of a shock to the international gay community and gay rights advocacy groups, Gabbana has gone on the record to say that same-sex parents should not raise children.

“I am opposed to the idea of a child growing up with two gay parents,” he says. “A child needs a mother and a father. I could not imagine my childhood without my mother. I also believe that it is cruel to take a baby away from its mother."

While we’re not here to judge, after all everybody is entitled to their own opinion, we want to know how you guys feel about the issue.

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I do not for one minute think that children raised by a same sex couple are in any way, shape or form disadvantaged. The primary concern is that the child is raised in a loving and supportive environment. In reply to the arguement that children need a father and mother, what say you about children being raised by sole parents? Should a mother remarry after divorce or death of her husband solely for the sake of providing her child with a father figure? The answer is an obvious no, so if it is acceptable for a child to be raised by a single loving mother, why not double the love and allow two loving mothers (or two loving fathers)? Masculine and Feminine role models are available to children in the form of friends, extended family, teachers, political figures and other celebrities. It is not only the a mother and father that will impact on a childs personal development, parenting is not about gender, it is about loving a child unconditionally.

posted by SteveNBrisbane on 12-Dec-2006 12:28

What an idiotic and damaging thing for him to say. I agree with DNA that people are entitled to their own opinions, but considering Stefano's public profile and openess about his sexuality it has the potential to cause problems for prospective parents who happen to sare the same gender.

He doesn't seem to be taking into account things like adoption when he makes statments like these - what if a child doesn't have a mother or a father? Surely it is in the child's best interest to be put into a loving and supportive environment, irrespective of the sexual orientation of the parents. And what about children from single parent families? Are they worse off also?

Just seems to me that it is an oversight on his behalf, not realising that by voicing his opinion he is now a poster-boy for the anti-gay right on this issue. You can just imagine all of the people who don't believe in same-sex parenting saying, "oh, if a fag says it, then our (close-minded) beliefs are even further justified."

Silly boy, Stefano.

posted by Mister on 12-Dec-2006 12:33


Yes & No.
"Yes" would be in the condition of that same-sex parents cannot provide their kid(s) with a consistent relationship. What if they break up? It wouldn't be fair for the children and I believe it would just bring up more problems.

"No" would be in the condition of that same-sex parents' love to their children could be much more than that of the normal parents'. As long as the children are happily brought up, it does not really matter if they have same-sex parents.

posted by jacques0620 on 12-Dec-2006 17:04

Stefano ...who?? he important??....Dolce doesn't think so.........maybe that's why he was dumped by Dolce....for his narrow minded thinking and pre historic reasoning. We all know there are millions of kids in this world that need parents for some reason. Any person is better than no person in a kids life. I think Stefano is trying to say...."I would not make a good parent because I am materialistic and fame seeking and can't give the time to love a child"...or maybe he is trying to saddle up with the Pope......maybe he can give the Pope's wardrobe a new sparkle.

posted by kytoboy on 13-Dec-2006 0:26

Woaho Kytoboy! Couldn't have put that better myself. Love the part about being martielistic! Good work!

Jacqueso620 - Your yes comment applies to straight parents too. If they break up it's not considered fair on the child, in some cases. And you say it would bring up "more problems", please outline the problems with gay parenting. Oh, and define "normal parents" actually, define normal. Please refrain from calling straight people normal, it makes the gay people angry. :-)

The only way society is going to accept gay parenting is if it's out there in their faces. We're human beings so we're all in the same boat, to say that someone can't be a good parent because of their sexauality is saying someone can't be a good parent because they're white.

I come from a single parent home. I live solely with my mum, but I didn't always. My role model was a drug taking, wife beating, alcoholic father (and I use the term father VERY loosely!). Should my mum have stayed with him? Would I be better having that father figure in my life? I doubt it, a cycle could have occurred. I could have become the same as him having him for a role model.

Instead, I grew up with my mum. I've not met an adult who hasn't commented on my mothers parenting skills and stated what a wonderful kid I am. There was no man around, it was a woman. Dam proud of her I am too.

It has been stated that having gay parents could cause an identity crisis for a child. Uuum, what about gay kids with straight parents? They commit suicide because they think they are supposed to be straight. What if their friend at school had 2 mums or 2 dads? They wouldn't think it so bad. Infact, if a children are brought up in that environment it carries into adulthood. They become more accepting people, aint no one more accepting than gay people. We know what it's like to be on the outside and stand for tolerance, and that's what we'd pass onto our kids.

It's deeply unsettling to hear a gay man stand for something like that. And, to give the big finger, I won't buy anything to do with Dolce & Gabbana. Sure, some straights will buy their products because of his statement, but ain't no one into fashion more than gay men and we buy those products but I wont.

So to cast my vote, NO - gay parents are fine, so long as they care, love, provide, teach right from wrong and are giving their kids an good education.

posted by Eartheo on 13-Dec-2006 10:22


WTF? So single parents shouldn't be allowed children then? What a stupid statement (although yes he is entitled to it)
People who say that kids raised by two same sex people will grow up more likely to be gay or something, but they forget that there are already alot of gay people and one would assume that because few gay people are allowed to adopt yet, that all of the gay people there have ever been were raised by a mum and a dad or single sex parents. So even a heterosexual couple aren't safe from raising queers. Let's just grow all people in testubes and controlled envirnments and let them out into the world at 18 ready to joiun the army and die!

posted by jjpd on 15-Dec-2006 11:56

He can't imagine his life without his mother....good for him, because without her, it wouldn't be his life. Alas, there's no point in trying to get people like him to understand that one, though.

so many people (my parents included) seem to think that by being born a woman you know how to be a mom, and the same for dads. Now, they know this isn't true, but they still worry about what "only a mother can provide". Breastmilk? No, not all babies can have it, nor do all moms make enough. Femininity? right, because every straight woman is or ought to be frickin Angelina Jolie. (scratch that---Scarlett O'Hara.)

The fact is, until we understand how to iron crazy out of people, most parents will be bad for children. Male, female, or both.
My hope is that gay parents will avoid the "innate parenting skills" trap and learn all they can about themselves, child-rearing and development, engendering self-esteem, and promoting good health before they adopt/surrogate/(clone?)

posted by kpjones on 20-Dec-2006 10:57

In my case it would have been cruel to leave my girls with their mother ... I tried to play the role my amily craved out for me ... married a a nice local girl ... no one mentioned that she was cruel, mentally unstable, drug addict, with a tendancy for viloence...

Who ever said being a women makes you a great or better parent ... Now had i married someone like my isters or mom maybe things would be better ... however those women were smart enough to figuire out i did not fancy girls that much ... despite being a macho national champion wrestler ...

now me and my male partner are doing a wonderful job with my girls ... if anything they are too privliged

posted by bicute8 on 4-Jan-2007 4:49


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