DW Chase by Ev Dylan

Date: 16-Jun-2010

This sexy shoot sees gorgeous model DW Chase in some of the most remote and rugged terrain Australia has to offer. These shots by Texan photographer Ev Dylan.

Working together with Ev Dylan, the shoot saw the totally muscular and ripped DW Chase travel all over NSW, including Watsons Bay and Manly Beach.

"I think they are some of the best shots of me and some of the best EV Dylan and I have done together," DW tells DNA.

The pair have been working together for three years and the talented duo has travelled to the four corners of the globe to produce some great work, including locations such as the Cayman Islands, LA and Texas (and not to mention Australia!)

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hottie.............want some of that!

posted by rayjohn90501 on 16-Jun-2010 16:40

toooooooo Skinny!!!! need to eat foods more but don't eat too much!

posted by yukisaitou on 16-Jun-2010 17:50


not one of the best that has been on here

posted by radar69 on 16-Jun-2010 18:38

Not in the usual DNA league.

posted by ozeeguy on 18-Jun-2010 9:58

he's very cool.

posted by aroddick on 18-Jun-2010 11:20

A twink with body hair. Now that is up my alley. A real man in the making! Yum+me.

posted by asseaterjeff on 19-Jun-2010 1:56


what a hottie, i wouldnt say no to him

posted by moose1014 on 19-Jun-2010 18:09

How sexy is DW. His lean body is much more sexy than the usual over muscled guys you see in DNA. Would love to explore!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by rotley on 20-Jun-2010 12:46


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