Jerry East

Date: 28-Oct-2009

Jerry East has an incredible physique. But he not only knows what to do in a gym; he also owns one. And he's just 22. What's this gorgeous man's secret?

DNA: What inspired you to start a gym at the age of just 22?

Jerry: My plan from the age of 17 was to open a studio and then move on to a gym. My inspiration came from working in the city under a big name corperate company. I found that the gym was completely out for itself and didnt listen to its clientele and i believed i could do a better job, so i did!

DNA: You have an amazingly ripped body. How often do you work out?

Jerry: I actually train 5 days a week. I am very strict with my lifestyle and have a work hard, think hard and play on occasion attitude.

DNA: You are likely to be an object of attraction to both men and women. Would having a gay following disturb you?

Jerry: [laughs] Most definitely not. If someone likes the look of me, why should it disturb me? If anything it's the biggest compliment you can get and that's great!

DNA: Can anyone get fit and healthy?

Jerry: Now you have touched on a very passionate subject. I truly believe that not only anyone but everyone should lead a healthy lifestyle. It's not an if but a definite. To do something active, something fun and to have an aim will keep you healthy, focused and make it all that little bit more enjoyable.

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He's hot. I'd definitely go to his gym!!!

posted by Someguy on 28-Oct-2009 0:39


Sign me up, but can I take the private tour, first.

posted by rbghawaii on 28-Oct-2009 1:52

Great images!

posted by Aigars on 28-Oct-2009 4:38

"What's this gorgeous man's secret?"

Uh? He owns his own gym? You do know you already gave us the answer.

posted on 28-Oct-2009 10:35


posted by VilainGarcon on 28-Oct-2009 17:52



posted by BEAUDONJON on 28-Oct-2009 19:25

I loooooove Jerry East, esp his Dylan Rosser shots, please make him a covermodel for one of your future issues!

posted by Ro77 on 7-Dec-2010 0:47


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