The Jarics Make Music: Hit Me Up!

Date: 1-Sep-2009

Aden and Jordan Jaric are some of the hottest performers in porn today. They are also a monogamous couple. They are known for their simmering star turns in front of their camera. But now they are making another kind of music, as they release their new single, Hit Me Up.

Keep your eyes open and your ears peeled for more of the Jarics in DNA. Hit me up!

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Oh dear. Did you listen to the song.
Woeful. Self indulgent, flat and out of tune.

posted by retlas27 on 1-Sep-2009 9:38

I'm a musician, so I run the risk of this looking like professional jealousy...but that song was AWFUL. These guys would not have anyone listening to their music if they had different midsections. Hot guys like this belong on DNA and my screen saver - not my iPod.

posted by jjones71 on 1-Sep-2009 10:23


my ears are bledding

posted by tbsjr64 on 1-Sep-2009 11:08


posted by BEAUDONJON on 1-Sep-2009 18:15

lol thats so bad. obviously didnt suck eachother of in the morning to warm up there vocal chords. but hey stick to your day job... wish i could stick to there day job.

posted by carpycarpy on 1-Sep-2009 18:22


I was gonna say "be nice" or "it's not unlistenable right?" until I heard the promo clip. Yes, I agree that's pretty awful.

posted by geebus on 2-Sep-2009 15:48

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posted on 4-Sep-2009 8:49

You guys.... we never said we were professional singers, calm down! LOL, love your comments :)

Take a chill pill people~

Much love always!!!!

The Jarics

posted by stud1618 on 6-Oct-2009 10:02

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