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Alison Moyet Delivers Hits And Same-Sex Marriage Message

Although some of her biggest hits happened in the ’80s while she fronted electro-pop band Yazoo, and from her early solo albums, Alison Moyet’s live act is, by no means, a retro roadshow. Yes, there was Only You, All Cried Out, Don’t Go, Love Resurrection and other dancefloor friendly Yazoo tracks, but the live show she’s currently touring Australia features a healthy dose of her recent work – and what powerful work it is. Moyet has recaptured the strength of her Yazoo success – a great voice, singing catchy melodies against an electronic backdrop – on her recent albums.

The songs Moyet has performed live in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, predominantly from recent albums Other and The Minutes demonstrate the confidence of her mature song writing and the gorgeousness of her smoky, sensual voice.

Moyet turned a shaky opening in Sydney last night (the audience reaction to her was so loud she couldn’t hear her cue, she said) into a moment of hilarity that endeared her to her audience – as if there was any doubt they didn’t already adore her. She introduced an unknown song as, “a classic – you don’t know it yet, but it is… maybe when I’m dead,” and explained that it’s about her “long-term love affair with gay men”. The song, The Man In The Wings, is slow, bluesy and romantic and, yes, could easily become a standard.

Moyet has recently relocated to a new home in Brighton, UK, connecting with the local LGBTI community there. Her song The Rarest Birds is a tribute to the LGBTI kids in her new hood. One of her four encores in Sydney was the lesbian classic, Whispering Your Name, and to make it perfectly clear where she stands, Moyet delivered a message: “consenting adults should be allowed to love who they want to love.” We’ll take that as a Yes vote, thank you!

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