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Man Crush Monday: Michael Fallon by Hayden Su (5-Oct-2015)

Happy Monday! We’re kicking things off with today’s crush. Say hello to Michael Fallon.

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Hot on Instagram: There’s No Place Like Homo (5-Oct-2015)

Need a hot and gay page to follow on Instagram? We recommend checking out There’s No Place Like Homo.

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Celebrity Skin: Zac Efron (5-Oct-2015)

Where are our Zac Efron fans? The Hollywood hunk was recently spotted without a shirt on while filming for the next Bad Neighbours movie.

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DNA Cover Guy: Ricky Tishler (5-Oct-2015)


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Sunday Stud: Junior Fernandes (4-Oct-2015)

We “moustache” you a question. How hot is Junior Fernandes?

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Underwear Hottie of the Day: Samuel F (4-Oct-2015)

Today’s underwear hottie is a sexy fella named Samuel F. He’s wearing gear by Much Underwear in these snaps.

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Just Because: Justin DeRoy’s Hottest Instagram Shots (4-Oct-2015)

Today we’re checking out some of Justin DeRoy’s hottest Instagram snaps. He has over 96 thousand followers and regularly updates them with shirtless selfies, fitness tips and plenty of hot shots.

Model Spotlight: Bradley Atkinson (4-Oct-2015)

Today DNA is putting a model spotlight on Bradley Atkinson. Bradley was born in Tasmania but now resides in Canada.

DNA Pool Party - First Release Tickets On Sale Now (3-Oct-2015)

Just a reminder that first release tickets for this year’s DNA Christmas Pool Party are on sale now for $30 for a strictly limited time. It’s always an awesome event with DJs, plenty of smokin’ hot guys, prizes, gift bags, sexy santas and more.

JR Christiansen presents Walter Derrig (3-Oct-2015)

Photographer JR Christiansen has treated the DNA blog to a sexy fella we think you’ll love. Say hello to Walter Derrig.

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Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Engaged (2-Oct-2015)

Gay hearts all over the world broke last night when it was announced that Tom Daley is marrying Dustin Lance Black. The totes adorbs couple placed their announcement in The Times newspaper.

DNA Interview: M Randall (1-Oct-2015)

He writes fantasies, follows dreams and won’t mind if you call him a sex symbol. Jesse Archer meets smokin’ hot model/poet M Randall.

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Poll: What Do You Wear To The Beach? (1-Oct-2015)

Shawn wears Nasty Pig swim briefs and Andrew Christian pendant.

Summer is just around the corner so today at DNA we want to know what you wear to the beach. Do you show off your bod and package in a pair of speedos?

Gays With Kids: A Day in the Life of Corey, Rocco and Forge (30-Sep-2015)

Gays With Kids recently released a sweet video about two gay dads and their son. Rocco Forgione and Corey Martin live in Mamaroneck, New York with their adorable son, Forge.

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Years & Years Release New Video For 'Eyes Shut' (30-Sep-2015)

Our new favourite band Years & Years have released a video for their song, Eyes Shut. The track is a little bit different from their previous hits but we’re loving it all the same.

Beach Bods

What Do You Wear To The Beach?



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What is your guesstimate of the hunks in DNA as being gay, bi?

I asked this same question on other blogs, but , so far, no replies. It doesn't compute that ...

  28-Jun-2015 5:00 replies: 0


Your Thoughts!

Hey DNA friends. We want to know what you think of DNA Magazine. Was there a recent story that ...

- DNAOnlineGuy
  27-Jun-2015 9:59 replies: 1

Coverboy Lookalike

Is it just me or does Leo Ryan Burke - Cover Model on Issue 185 - look like Olympic Swimmer ...

  25-May-2015 14:05 replies: 1

From The Editor

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It's Time To Go, Tony

If only it were this easy… “Australia, to the diary room.” “Hello Big Brother.” “Australia, who do you nominate for eviction?”


Our Messy Alphabet Soup (20-Aug-2015)

Or, why there’s no “me” in LGBT.


Not Cool To Be Cruel (29-Jun-2015)

Could we be our own worst enemies?


Drag Time

Out of the gay bars and onto the small screen! Lip-synching drag dolls are finding an international stage – and why not?  


That’s Mister Fashionista, To You!

That’s Mister Fashionista, To You! Is there such a thing as a gay fashion sense? Well, what have we got style-wise in the DNA office? Phillip says he’s nerdy, Jared is ...

That’s Mister Fashionista, To You! Is there such a thing as a gay fashion sense? Well, what have we got style-wise in the DNA office? Phillip says he’s nerdy, Jared is clean-cut, Jesse is sporty, and I’m dykey. All we need is a tone-deaf ginger and we’d be the Spice Girls. more