Behind The Scenes

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The Big Blue


Matt Born

Matt Born is a 23-year-old New York-based model/engineer who appeared in DNA #101. While Matt says his back and abs are the favourite parts of his body, we reckon the whole package looks pretty damn fine. Take a look at some extra photos from his DNA shoot!


Rock My Way

Chris Rockway is Randy Blue’s star stud. The rising porn-star prefers women but is paid to get down and dirty with the fellas. Mr Rockway recently went all the way on Randy Blue, bottoming for the first time. We thought we’d celebrate by putting him on the cover of issue #98. Here are some extra sexy snaps of Chris getting all wet for DNA. Enjoy.


Home Alone

Model Patrick appeared in DNA #98 and really gave the neighbours something to talk about strutting around his bachelor pad in sexy underwear and swimwear. He gives Macaulay Culkin a run for his money, that’s for sure. Here are some extra photos from the raunchy shoot.


Pool Party

Whether you’ve got bigs or smalls, you can always be a player in the right undies. Have a look at these outtakes from one of our hottest DNA fashion shoots featuring the sexiest 2(x)ist and C-In2 underwear. Shot at the stunning Nowhere Bar in New York, Anthony, Michal and Brandon do their best to sink some balls. Photography By Bruno Rand


CBD Sexy

Sydney-based trainer Cameron left a scorching impression on the… minds of DNA readers. In one of our sexiest shoots (ever!), the muscle-bound hunk took to the streets of Sydney before stripping down in one of the city's finer hotels – taking the concept of R 'n' R to a whole new level.


Cabana Capers

Hello sailor! Daniel appeared in the threesome fun that was the poolside shoot for DNA #85, so it's understandable that he needed a little solo time to cool off. Lucky for us, it just kept getting hotter!


Beach Patrol

Meet Paul. The sexy, buff brunette gives us all a good reason to cool off thanks to this shoot, shot on location at South Beach in Florida. As the day got warmer, temperatures rose ­ leaving this hottie in the briefest of the season¹s swimwear. Enjoy!


100º in the shade

These two raunchy boys tried to cool off but the temperature just kept on rising. Featuring some of the hottest swimwear styles this summer - this shoot featured boyish, yet physically manly, guys, who've been nicknamed the "trouble twins". Trouble never looked so appealing...


In Essence

This hot Lewis Payton shoot stars the delicious TJ Wilk – a model who gives all previous DNA boys a run for their beefy money. The smoldering eyes, mixed with a perectly sculpted body, he is the essence of what we're looking for in a guy here at DNA. Enjoy!


Naked In New York

One of the raunchiest shoots ever to appear in DNA, the shoot took place during a steamy New York summer, forcing the models to strip down to their bare essentials. This left us with a lot of images that were too hot to publish in the pages of DNA – but not so for our Behind The Scenes section. Enjoy!


Get The Look

Let's welcome Will Fennell ­(former grooming guy for the Aussie Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and current grooming editor for DNA) ­ who bravely bared all for the sake of a good grooming feature. Not only is Will a complete sweetheart, he's also a hottie with a cheeky smile and killer bod! Shot by James Demitri.


Man About The House

Andrew was the winner of DNA’s Search For A Model contest; and from these pictures, it ain’t hard to see why. Playful and sexy, Andrew got everyone a little hot under the collar on the shoot, and the results? Well, judge for yourselves. Enjoy!


Dynamic Trajectory

Now, it’s not unusual to find a hot boy gracing the pages of DNA. But it’s a bit of a rarity to find a hot boy who is also a world gymnastics champion. Nick proved he could flex his muscles in more ways than one – providing hotter-than-hot viewing pleasure. Being double-jointed is just the beginning…


Love Without Frontiers

Before the current season of Big Brother, DNA and photo-duo Scott Riley and Mark McFarlane were discussing the possibility of a doing an Aussie Brokeback story with a young Queensland farmer named Dave. We were about to pack our gear and head bush when suddenly everything changed. It was a Sunday night and the latest batch of reality TV contestants were heading into the Big Brother house. To our amazement, one of them was Dave. So our plans went on hold.

Then we heard from a friend of David's, Sherif. In fact, Sherif is more than just friends with Brokeback Dave; he's his current squeeze and soon-to-be boyfriend if all goes well when Dave comes out of the house.

Sherif is a model and a student and agreed to tell his story to DNA. And what a story. The more we heard, the more we realised this was a story we had to tell in its entirety in the magazine. Sherif is a gay Lebanese Muslim, living in Sydney and completing his MBA. Smart and good-looking, he's the perfect package and we got a glimpse of the package at our photoshoot with Sherif for this issue.

The day started early on location at a swish, recently renovated home in downtown Darlinghurst with photographers Scott and Mark. Our style team put together some great outfits from Calibre, Criminal and Nudie Jeans, but needn't have bothered. It wasn't long before Sherif was down to a pair of white 2(x)ist briefs (he turned down the even skimpier jockstrap) and was rolling around semi-naked on the big double bed.

With his deep, soulful eyes, luscious hairy chest and beautifully sculpted body, Sherif was easy to shoot and we ended up with so many great shots it was hard to edit.

On the bed, by the pool or on the couch, Sherif kept us all entertained with his wicked sense of humour and a couple of very dirty stories that it would be entirely inappropriate to retell here!

We hope you like the shots, enjoy these behind-the-scenes images and check out our video of the day too.


Miami Muscle Beach

Who is the hunk in the trunks? His name is Jason, and DNA first met him while he was visiting Sydney for Mardi Gras earlier this year. Jason's amazing body and gorgeous smile make him extremely photogenic. Our first shots of him were taken at Malcolm Stewart's Ooops! party, the invite-only, pre-Mardi Gras charity shindig that attracts some of the hottest boys in town.

When Jason went home to the US, we stayed in touch and when DNA photographers Riley-McFarlane swung over to the US to shoot for our June 2006 Travel Issue, we asked him to star in a swimwear story we shot on Miami Beach. The stunning results are in DNA 77, where you can see our Jase wearing swim briefs and trunks from the brand new Lush Life range and some good old Aussie Bum



Gavin Harrison and two Spanish male models spent the weekend at Barcelona B & B Beauty And The Beach, and we published their exploits in DNA #94.

Here are some shots that we couldn't squeeze in.



We found hunky labourer Vincent on a Sydney building site. He showed real talent during his first ever photo shoot. You saw him here first, in DNA #95.

He was so impressive we couldn't use all the shots we took - here are some out takes and close-ups. Enjoy!